Surrey Boiler Installations is a proud Worcester Bosch boiler specialist for Guildford, our home location, and for the surrounding Surrey area. This brand is a household name. Worcester Bosch boilers combine reliability, efficiency and technological innovation into a single appliance. It is always the first brand we recommend to customers who come to us looking for a new boiler installation.


Our gas engineers and heating engineers also fit boilers from other market-leading manufacturers, but we are very much a Worcester Bosch specialist.


This page offers an insight into the most popular Worcester Bosch boiler installations, and the company itself, for the benefit of Guildford and Surrey homeowners who might not know too much about them.


If you’d like advice on choosing a new boiler, please call us on 0782 433 9445.

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New Boilers in Guildford from Worcester Bosch


The Worcester Bosch brand covers all conventional, combi and system boiler designs to provide our customers with more choice and more versatility. Our familiarity with Worcester Bosch boilers is an important factor for many homeowners because, in addition to a standard manufacturer warranty, Surrey Boiler Installations can offer an extended guarantee for greater peace of mind.

Buy your new boiler through us, and we can deliver more benefits than most other competing companies in our region.


Conventional Boilers


Conventional Worcester Bosch boilers use hot and cold water cylinders, which means they take up more space inside your Guildford or Surrey property, particularly in attic or loft space. For this reason, gas engineers and heating engineers rarely recommend a new boiler with a conventional design for a newly built property.


We only fit conventional boilers inside homes with a traditional heating infrastructure where it is too expensive to remove and replace the current installation.

These are the options you have available should this be the case:


  • Greenstar Ri – Suitable for small to medium-sized properties, this Worcester Bosch boiler fits inside a standard kitchen cupboard. There is also a space-saving option available that’s even smaller. This new boiler comes in multiple power usage configurations (12kW to 24kW and 27kW to 30kW).
  • Greenstar CDi – A high performance conventional boiler installation, ideal for larger properties in the Guildford area. Available in regular and floor-standing models. Both can integrate with solar panels.
  • Greenstar Danesmoor – This is a market-leading oil-fired boiler, ideal for kitchen installations, and comes in internal and external configurations. Our gas and heating engineers have experience in oil-fired models.
  • Greenstar Utility Regular – Also oil-fired, this is the perfect choice for a new boiler installation if you have a particularly large home, or if you run a business and need a Worcester Bosch boiler for commercial premises.

Combi Boilers


These new boilers produce heating and hot water on demand without the need for a separate hot water cylinder. This design is an ideal choice for properties in Guildford and Surrey with a limited amount of space.


When choosing combi Worcester Bosch boilers, customers have a number of options:

  • Greenstar i – The most popular Worcester Bosch boiler in this category, best suited for small to medium-sized homes.
  • Greenstar Si Compact – A space-saving combi boiler that fits inside the vast majority of kitchen cupboards.
  • Greenstar CDi – The CDi comes in three options; Classic, Compact and High-Flow. All three are high-performance models suitable for homes with 1 to 2 bathrooms.
  • Greenstar Heatslave II – This top-of-the-range combi Worcester Bosch boiler is for larger homes in Guildford and Surrey with two or more bathrooms. The Heatslave II also has an external configuration available.

System Boilers


These new boiler installations require a separate hot water cylinder, but still feature most of the heating elements within the boiler unit itself. Best suited to larger Guildford and Surrey properties with multiple bathrooms that often see simultaneous usage, our gas engineers and heating engineers can fit system boilers at a fair, affordable price.


System designs from the Worcester Bosch boiler range include:

  • Greenstar I System – Suitable for any size of home, this is the most popular system boiler on today’s market. It has solar panel integration capabilities and comes in 9kW to 24kW and 27kW to 30kW configurations with the latter best suited to high energy demands.
  • Greenstar CDi System – Ideal for larger homes with more demand for heating and hot water, complete with solar panel integration capabilities.
  • GB162 – Marketed towards the largest homes and commercial premises, this Worcester Bosch boiler utilises an award-winning ALU-Plus heat exchanger which you won’t find on any other new boiler from any other brand manufacturer.
  • Greenstar Danesmoor – These oil-fired system boiler installations easily handle the heating requirements of small, medium and large-sized properties in Guildford and Surrey. The three Danesmoor designs are Standard, Utility and External.


Worcester Bosch Boiler in Guildford | The Manufacturer


Worcester Bosch has a rich history and is one of the UK’s most popular boiler brands. Before its acquisition by the Bosch Group, Worcester Engineering was an established supplier of oil-fired central heating equipment that started out in 1962. New opportunities presented themselves during the 1970s when combi boilers first came onto the market and started making waves within our industry.


Company growth continued until 1992, the year of the merger.


Bosch itself has a lifetime of some 130 years, has its own reputation for innovative European engineering and is a name synonymous with quality heating products. With over 5,200 associates in the UK, spread across 40 locations with upwards of £3.5bn of revenue generated each year, Bosch is a genuine industry titan.


Today, our gas engineers and heating engineers fit Worcester Bosch boilers as preferred appliances which meet the supply requirements of our Guildford and Surrey customers. New boiler installations are the backbone of our business and we wouldn’t risk our own reputation, or the welfare of anybody who uses our company, by placing our trust in any product that doesn’t carry the Worcester Bosch brand.

Call 0782 433 9445 to discuss Worcester Bosch boiler installations in Guildford and the surrounding Surrey area.

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